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Wayne Wells

Personal Blog
I believe there are two Most Important days in your life… the day you were born, and the day you figure out what for! As a chef for 25 years I discovered my passion in cooking. I also served as a branch manager and mortgage broker for 12 years. My dedication and persistence are apparent in my work history.

It’s true, I’ve had some challenges in my life. Both my wife and mother are undergoing treatment for breast cancer. My daughter started college. I’ve waged a lifelong battle against ADHD and other learning disabilities. For many, these struggles would be insurmountable. Not for me Wayne Wells!

These troubles inspire me to be and do my best. I am a supportive husband and son, a pillar of strength as my mother and wife finish their treatments. I am a role model to my daughter, proving that her old man still has the chops to conquer the world the way I hope she will after graduation.

As for my personal limitations, I am making them my strength! There’s a long history of people who turned their ADHD or learning disabilities into a super power – I’m thinking Richard Branson, Charles Schwab, Winston Churchill, and Thomas Edison. These are the historical figures who have inspired me to realize that having a disability does not mean you’re disadvantaged. It just means you have to try harder and work smarter.

That’s exactly what I plan to do with this Wells Marketing01! This global marketing and technology business specializes in digital marketing services. Combining world-class traffic generation and creative online marketing strategies, we are ready to grow FAST and become a major player in the game. But we need a little push to get started.

That’s where you come in! I’m hoping you will see my vision and be moved to make a donation to help get this thing off the ground. As somebody who has overcome so many hardships already, I have the perseverance and drive necessary to see this thing through. Are you ready to help us get started? Contact me today to inquire about supporting Wells Marketing01!

Richard Moyer

Personal Blog
Retired (for the 3rd time).
I just blog, write tutorials, network marketing.

Get my latest book,"Network Marketing Strategy for Success"

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